Where is Much Superior FIFA 16 Or PES 16


Where is Much Superior FIFA 16 Or PES 16 - This year is going to be a year of pleasure for the gamers since the FIFA 16 and PES 16 are going to be released. Soccer games still becomes the most favorite games ever so the enthusiasm of the gamers might be high towards these two games. Both EA Sports and Konami must have something to make the games get more challenging. As it is reported, both of the games are going to release in this September 2015. The teasers of both games have been released which makes public can’t wait to see them. Some of them are even questioning and making the comparison which the best one is. Here are the PES 16 and FIFA 16comparisons.

·         New Features of PES 2016
PES 2016 has been featured with some new things to make the games get more attractive. This game has been equipped with Aerial duals in which the user may control the way of motion out of the header. In addition, Enhanced Collision System affects the games to find out the way of certain gamers going out in the game. On the other hand, on the control system, This PES 2016 has a large range with “1v1 Control”. Such system deals with the motion of the football players that can be seen on the game. How fun the game will be depends on the trick of the gamers in the match. Not only about the system, but some things are also upgraded. One of them is the Artificial Intelligence and also some identities are also added, including the goal keeper. There is a feature that show the way of celebration for those who make a goal in this game. Those are things in PES 16. There always things to compare in FIFA 16 and PES 16 to conclude the best one.


·         New Features of FIFA 16
In this FIFA 2016, the gamers will enjoy the game with the involvement of women footballers. In addition, there are some types of body shape and hairstyle on the animated women footballers. Furthermore, there are 25 changes in case of defending which makes match get more stunning. Where is Much Superior FIFA 16 Or PES 16 There will be a feature that makes dribbling ball and pass over the ball. The paces of midfield battle are also added to serve more motion effects in the game. Between FIFA and PES 16, the additional or improved features are totally different.

Overall, new features in FIFA 16 and PES 16 give the games more fun to play. PES 16 has more improvement in the system and the graphic. Meanwhile, FIFA 16 offers the animation with some additional players and improved motions. Based on the prediction of the game viewers, they said that PES seems to be more promising than FIFA 16. Where is Much Superior FIFA 16 Or PES 16 It can be seen from the improved system that makes the game get fun to play. PES 16 serves more techniques to move and defend which is quite different from the PES 15. To proof what they said, we will see them on September. 

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