The List of New Legend Players Featured in Ultimate Team Mode of FIFA 16

FIFA 16 seems to make everyone wonder about what will be equipped in the game. There must be some improvements and new features that makes the game get more challenge and attractive. Recently, EA Sports as the game producer of FIFA 16 give some confirmations about the game during the press conference with the Gamescom.  One of them is about the legend players that will be contained in FIFA 16. There are some legend players that are mentioned by EA Sports during the press conference. Well, it might make you get rid of the game to be released soon. Here are the legend players in FIFA 16 that you should know.

George Best
On the press conference, EA Sports did some confirmations related to the features and players which are featured in FIFA 16. George Best is one of the players that are going to be the Legend players in FIFA 16. Best is taken based on it records as the football players and he deserves to be featured in this new FIFA 16. Furthermore, EA Sports inserts best in the Ultimate Team Mode which will make the game get more challenging to play. The existence of George Best in FIFA 16 might get the enthusiasm by the people, especially the gamers.

The other Legend Players
In the press conference, EA Sports have confirmed about the involvement of George Best as the Legend player. However, Best comes with the other six Legend players in the game. The gamers will meet them up in the formation team building. The new feature equipped in FIFA 16 is called as Ultimate Team Mode in which the gamers can select the favorite legend players to come in a team. This is what EA said that makes the game seems to be get attractive. Here are some other legend players that will be featured in Ultimate Team Mode, such as, Ryan Giggs (Wales), Deco (Portugal), Alessandro Nesta (Italy), Vitor Baia (Portugal), Gattuso (Italy), Zanneti (Argentina), Litmanen (Finland).

Those are the legend players which are confirmed to be featured in FIFA 16. Hence, the people may have the answer regarding to the features in FIFA 16. It has been also confirmed by EA Sports that FIFA 16 is going to be released in September 24. However, for those who want to subscribe the game, they can have the access of new FIFA 16 earlier. In the press conference, EA Sports also tells about the subscription service of the publishers is available on Xbox One. It is about the EA access in which the subscriber can gave the earlier access of FIFA 16. It will be much better especially to those who have been looking forward to this game. However, the access provided by EA Sports is available in limited numbers only. 

Furthermore, the access will be opened no more than few hours. This is available for those who want to buy the game only. The subscribers will have 10% off in purchasing Ultimate Team Mode package. As the planning, the access will be opened on September 17. 

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