Several Things in FUT Draft as FIFA 16 New Feature

several things in FUT Draft fifa 16
Several Things in FUT Draft as FIFA 16 New Feature - EA is well known as the games producer which has created FIFA in last few years. Due to the FIFA 16 release date, presses and media are calling to the company to know more about FIFA 16. Recently, EA has just held a press conference with Gamescom in relation to give the details about FIFA 16. One of which EA explained in the press conference is about FUT Draft. It is a new feature equipped in FIFA 16 that is installed in the Ultimate Team Mode. FUT Draft seems to make a significant change in the game specifically in selecting the players and the formation for a team. Here are several things that you will have in building a team and formation in FIFA 16.  

Selecting the Team
What players want to play FIFA 16 is about the challenge. The more challenge is given in the game, the more enthusiasm of the players will be. By the installation of FUT Draft, there will be some improved features that may be obviously seen when the match is played. There will be some challenges that the players will have either in online or offline mode. It comes along the team established in few numbers of choices only. Once, the formation is selected, you need to create your own team by choosing some qualified Gold players that is shown in random for every position.

Getting the Targets
Once the team is created, then there are some things that the players should do before going to the match in the game. They should have an attempt to determine the targets that earn the rewards based on the performance that they do during the match. However, in the press conference, what kinds of rewards that they will have were not mentioned by EA Sports. Furthermore, EA convinced that they can be turned into real team within FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.

Gaining Career Mode
There will be some features in FIFA 16 in relation to the career of the players. Career Mode will help the gamers to gain the career based on the performance given by the players. There will be more chances that can be earned by the players to play in the new pre season tournaments. The lucky ones will get the career gain and money. Several Things in FUT Draft as FIFA 16 New Feature Training mode will also be given to the champion by Skill Games-like exercise. In addition, this feature has a scouting department and transfer system which seems to be real.

As a result, FUT Draft which comes as the new feature in Ultimate Team Mode make the team selection get more interesting than the former one. In addition, EA mentioned about the extra chants introduction that will be given up to 900. The gamers will enjoy recreating the broadcasts like shown on TV, such as, last year’s Premiere League and Bundesliga. Well, so many people have been looking forward to see and have this game. FIFA is reported to release on the end of September as the confirmation of EA Sports. 

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