FIFA 2016 Gameplay "Behind the Scenes" to Reveal All About the Game

FIFA 2016 Gameplay "Behind the Scenes

FIFA 2016 Gameplay "Behind the Scenes" shows the things about FIFA 16 before it is released. Based on the confirmation, EA Sports as the game producer of FIFA 16 announced that the game will be released on September 24. Every single day, the issues of FIFA 16 are getting boasted like the gamers can’t wait to see the games. It is followed by the teaser which has been released to break the ice of the gamers who are looking forward to this game. Furthermore, EA Sports announced about the things that will be featured in this new FIFA 16. Here are the things behind the scene of FIFA 16 Gameplay.

FUT Draft
New feature which can be found in FIFA 16 is FUT Draft. It is equipped in Ultimate Team Mode which is an innovation of selecting the team in this game as well. FUT Draft enables the gamers to get more challenge during playing the game. Furthermore, it makes a great change to the game that makes the players seems to play a real soccer match. FUT Draft plays a role with deals with the team formation before the match begins. The atmosphere will be the same whether it is played online or offline. When the formation is created, then the player should create a name to play. Then, it is continued by selecting the Gold qualified football players displayed randomly for every position. Once the formation team gets done, then the player is asked to determine targets to earn the rewards based on the performance that they give in the match. The detail of the rewards will be revealed soon after the games are released.

Woman Footballers
EA Sports claimed that FIFA 16 is a new game innovation which serves a new challenge in playing soccer for the game freak. This time, EA confirmed that FIFA 16 involves the women football players in the match. Therefore, it will be a new experience for the gamers since the involvement of women footballers. Furthermore, there will be some improved features in building the team formation. The feature will be like showing the selection of body shape of the women footballers and the hairstyles that might be combined together. This new feature can be found only in FIFA 16.

Career Mode Track
Another great feature of FIFA 16 is about the Career Mode. Well, it enables the players to gain the career for giving the best performance during the match. The chances are widely open for the footballers to play in new pre-season tournaments. The team that has successfully won the match will get the money and career gain.

There are some additional features that can be found in FIFA 16. In addition, it is reported that there will be several legend players featured and 25 changes of defender in this game. In FIFA 2016 Gameplay "Behind the Scenes", several things are revealed to give the information about the game. For the gamers, you need to wait to get the game in September 24. 

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