FIFA 16 news and career mode wishlist

FIFA 16 news and career mode wishlist - EA revealed a number of FIFA 16 gameplay features at the E3 conference. Let’s see what FIFA 16 news they gave us.

1. Confidence in defending


Defenders will be more agile in FIFA 16 EA announced a number of improvements to defending in FIFA 16. Defenders will be more agile, able to turn more quickly and react to opponents’ dribbling moves in order to keep them under control. Players will have more control over tackles, and will be able to change the length of a slide tackle or make their players stop and get up mid-tackle, making them less likely to be taken out of the game.
Teams will supposedly defend as a unit much better in FIFA 16, with improved AI able to track runs better and decide between covering space and closing down an attacker.

Interceptions have been improved (perhaps defenders will finally stick a leg out rather than letting the ball roll past their feet!), while you will even be able to do a ‘fake tackle’ to trick attackers into committing early, thereby making it easier to dispossess them.

Finally, EA tell us that goalkeepers have been improved to make them less likely to be beaten by freakish long shots. Keepers will backpedal and be able to track the ball better when it is struck from distance, reducing the likelihood of you being beaten by a long range wonder goal.

2. Control in midfield


FIFA 16 sees improvements in midfield, too FIFA 16 will see those interception improvements come to midfield as well, and it will affect both attack and defence. You will be able to fine tune your team’s interception mentality (i.e. how aggressive it is) in Player Instructions.
Passing has also been changed in FIFA 16 to introduce more ‘purposeful’ passing. Hold RB/R2 while passing to activate a new driven pass, which will be much more direct than regular passing and will be used to bypass defences and catch them out on the break.

3. Deadly attacking


EA want FIFA 16 to create ‘moments of magic’ in attack Attacking will perhaps see the biggest changes in FIFA 16. First is what EA call ‘no touch dribbling’. You’ll be able to decide when your player takes their first touch, allowing them to feint, change direction and perform skill moves without touching the ball. The idea is you can dummy in one direction and then explode in the other, giving you an edge over defenders.
Crossing has been tweaked with new animations and runs by attackers. Players in the box may decide to run deep or go to the near post, giving you more options when you’re out wide.

Shooting in will also get some changes in FIFA 16 to make it less random. EA say that “players will feel the difference in each shot attempt and better understand why a particular shot has taken a specific trajectory.” That means you can adjust how you take shots in the future, hopefully giving you a better chance of scoring next time.

4. Improve your game


The FIFA Trainer aims to improve your ability on the pitch FIFA 16 will see a new game type to help players improve their skills. The FIFA Trainer will put you in a match situation and provide visual hints and advice on what to do in any given situation. Players will be given two options that should help improve their understanding of how to better compete in actual matches, not just in the isolated Skill Games settings.
Speaking of Skill Games, FIFA 16 will have a new Basic level aimed at first-time players of the franchise.

5. Women’s national teams


Women’s teams have finally made it into FIFA 16 For the first time, a FIFA game will finally feature women’s teams (albeit only 12 national sides. Still, better than nothing). EA say they didn’t just take men’s player models and tweak them for women in FIFA 16, but created specific player models from scratch.
The women’s national teams in FIFA 16 are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China PR, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and USA.

So that’s the FIFA 16 news, but what about FIFA 15?

FIFA 15: what do you want to change?

FIFA’s career mode needs to improve, we all know that. Recently #ChangeCareerMode has been gaining traction on Twitter, while YouTubers are also putting forward their own suggestions on how EA could really take it to the next level.
This page is for you to discuss your own ideas on career mode. What current features do you want to see improved? What new additions to you want to see in upcoming FIFA titles? Share your comments below.
Here are a few things that I would love to see:

1. Fix scouted player names!

FIFA career mode wishlist

Typical Spanish name, that I love Shuttleworth Virtanan, I really do, but when was the last time you ever met a Spanish person with a name like that? Some nations seem to be unaffected while others seem completely screwed. The scouted names were fine when the game came out and an update broke them, so I’ve got a lot of hope that this can be fixed.

2. Improve physical stat growth

FIFA career mode wishlist

Physical stat growth: a rare sight among scouted players in FIFA 15 Only physically strong players seem to grow physical stats from an early age. All other types have to wait years until they grow – if they even do grow at all. 

So is it great if you’ve found a physically strong player? Nope, because they usually get promoted with about 50 sprint speed.

And why do goalkeepers spend their first few years growing in physical stats but not GK stats? Are they spending too much time in the gym and not enough on the training ground or playing youth matches? I’m no coder, but to my simple brain I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to fix this.

3. Scouted player types need addressing

FIFA career mode wishlist
Yep, definitely not totally insane Do you really want fast players? OK, scout wingers and pray for a full back with massive potential. Scout any other position or player type and you’re pretty much screwed.
Want a fast attacking midfielder? Don’t scout attackers, get a fast full back. Want a quick striker? Don’t bother, just look for a fast full back. Fast winger full backs end up with amazing technical stats so they can be played pretty much anywhere. They make the other player types more or less redundant.

But scout a defensive minded full back and you get a player with 50 sprint speed and terrible work rates. Add to that the frequent low/low work rates no matter what player type you look for and you’ve got a team full of lazy, slow players – perfect for life in the Premier League, amirite?

FIFA career mode wishlist
Slow and low/low work rates – perfect for life in the Premier League, amirite? Another problem – you can’t find strikers by searching attackers! You have to search physically strong, which often gets you slow forwards with great tackling, or search technically gifted and get slow forwards with 40 stamina.
On the other hand, physically strong players often become beastly at everything. If you find a physically strong central midfielder with high potential, it’s entirely possible they’ll end up with the Complete Defender, Midfielder and Forward specialities. While this is awesome, it completely breaks the immersion of the game. Why scout any other player type? Oh yes, because physically strong players are slow as hell.

So we need more realistic player types – or at least player types that aren’t completely borked. This may need a larger overhaul than fixing physical growth but it’s something that’s completely messing up the youth scouting system.

4. A youth system that is meaningful and immersive

FIFA career mode wishlist
We need more than just this Currently, youth players sit in your academy twiddling their thumbs for one or two years until you decide to promote them. Until that time it’s a borefest and you end up completely forgetting about the players you have already found because what do they do for most of the month? Nothing. The only time you’re reminded about them is when you get an update from your scout.
Instead, we need something that is interesting, something that feels real.

What we need is a youth league. I don’t mean having to play youth matches in addition to first team games, but how about having a youth squad league table, and every week your youth team plays another team from that league?

How about getting a report every week from your chief scout telling you what the score was in that game and how each player performed? How about your scout letting you know who had been progressing well in the youth league and could be ready for promotion?

For this to work we’d probably need a youth academy auto filled with players when you start a career mode, but that doesn’t sound like a huge demand to me. The players’ quality would depend on the team you are, so York City will have an auto-filled academy far inferior to Manchester City’s. As time goes on and we scout more, we can replace these players with ones we’ve scouted ourselves.

Then at least we’d have a reason to keep tabs on the youth academy and a reason to work hard on it. I appreciate this is probably a longer term goal but it’s something a lot of us have been crying out for for years. If this could be implemented in FIFA 16 it would be a huge step forward.

5. More customisation

FIFA career mode wishlist

Get to the Premier League, still playing in the same stadium I know there are potential issues with changing the sponsors on your kit, but having the option to upgrade your stadium would be awesome. 
Who wants to take Plymouth Argyle to the Premier League and see them lining up at home against Chelsea in a stadium that can house 10,000 people? It looks ridiculous and is totally unrealistic. For clubs that don’t have named and rendered stadiums, surely this wouldn’t be too hard to implement.

So that’s my FIFA career mode wishlist, what about yours? Make sure you leave you ideas in the comments below and let’s see if we can get a list together.
Also check out the #ChangeCareerMode hashtag and watch the videos other YouTubers are making. We seem to be making a difference here, so let’s get our ideas together and see if we can change career mode for the better.

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