FIFA 16 gameplay official trailer EA Sports

FIFA 16 gameplay official trailer EA Sports - The latest news from EA Sports, has now released the official trailer video FIFA 16, there are several video trailer has been uploaded on youtube, and now you can watch some of the video trailer fifa 16 from EA sports official channel on YouTube, you can watch it here or there 3 video trailer FIFA 16 that we have provided in this article. | Fifa 16 trailer

E3 be the introduction of a feature that is pretty much awaited games, FIFA 16/Game football is indeed getting better present year. Especially in the series FIFA 16 will be embedded feature called feature women's football. Surely this feature will bring great impact for FIFA 16. It may be that later on, the game FIFA 16 is not just for gamers present just men but women bnayak also play this game. But, in addition to the features of women's football, FIFA 16 brings many other features are quite interesting. These features include the following.


Defensive AI

 This feature is a feature that allows the game FIFA 16 becomes more difficult than ever before. With this feature, players FIFA 16 will be more difficult to score. The reason, FIFA 16 has enhanced AI (artificial interlegence) or artificial intelligence defense. This means, the game AI will be more focused in keeping the game daeraha than seeing the enemy dribble. Improved features of this defense will certainly make the game more realistic and make players have to improve in terms of opposing goalkeeper or defender penetrate enemy more agile

Improved AI in Responding Ball

 This feature makes the game FIFA 16 is more realistic than ever before. The players will now act layanya a professional soccer player. Say, a goalkeeper who will not make silly mistakes. There is also a feature that tackles more varied and allows players to create a mock tackle. Improvement was also carried out on the operand FIFA more powerful so it needs good control. Passes the ball to dtingkatkan also more varied than ever before.

FIFA Trainer 

This feature is in addition to the main weapon of the FIFA women's team features. This feature allows players to choose a variety of options when playing. For example, when pressed, there will be an icon that requires players to do two options. When the enemy holds the ball, the player can choose to suppress the enemies who hold the ball or just keep track of boa alone only. This feature will affect the way puz bet and would make the player is free to determine the type of ploy for desired.

Thus my post this time on the FIFA 16 gameplay official trailer EA Sports may be useful, thank you.

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