Download FIFA 17 mobile for android (apk file)

Download FIFA 17 mobile for android (apk file) - For you who want to download fifa 17 for your android phone, you can now download fifa 17 apk file for android via the link below.
FIFA 17 itself will be released on September 2016, but you can already play fifa 17 on your android phone to download its apk file that will be distributed for free, you can download it to the official in google play for android phones and appstore for mobile ios.

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EA SPORTS FIFA, a brand new mobile game in development, will deliver stunning, console quality, gameplay and Ultimate Team that's been designed for mobile.

The following is a feature FIFA 17 for android and ios mobile :

1. Console-Quality Gameplay

EA SPORTS FIFA takes advantage of the increased power of new mobile devices to deliver stunning console-quality gameplay. Fans will enjoy our most realistic mobile football game yet, with a wide variety of gameplay animations, a sophisticated A.I. on both ends of the pitch, new star heads, a full range of skill moves and for the first time ever on mobile – celebrations. To complement the new depth in gameplay, hybrid touch controls have been enhanced to give fans more options while keeping the game simple and easy to play.

2. Ultimate Team for Mobile
The evolution of Ultimate Team on mobile takes a leap forward with EA SPORTS FIFA. Everything from squad management to how fans get the players they want has been improved to deliver a better experience on mobile devices. Live events, such as tournaments and dynamic accomplishments, will keep the game fresh and exciting with new content added on a regular basis. Most importantly, there is no need to start over from scratch every year, the will game keep going year after year, with regular updates, while fans keep their players.
3. Player Exchange
Player exchange is a new feature that gives fans more chances to get the players they really want. Instead of selling or discarding unwanted players, fans will be able to exchanging them for random, new, player items. The higher the quality of players offered to exchange, the better the chances of getting a high rated player in return.


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download fifa 17 mobile for android (apk file) - EA SPORTS FIFA will be available from September as a free download on the on the App Store and Google Play.

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