10 new features were added in FIFA 16

10 new features were added in FIFA 16 - EA Sports has added features to the series biggest game FIFA 16 this time that women's football. For the first time in the history of the FIFA game, women's football will be added in the features of the popular game. Since its release by EA Sports in 1993 to date only men's football team are displayed. However, starting this year will change.

The plan, later FIFA 16 will bring 12 women national team. They are the world champions the United States, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Canada, China, England, and Australia.

Not only appears to extra features within the game, women footballers will also appear on the front cover of FIFA 16. The attacker in the US national team, Alex Morgan, was elected after the winning vote to accompany the Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, for output version of Uncle Sam's country or region ,
This 10 features were added in FIFA 16 :

  1. You can create magical moments to score Goal
 In this feature you can feel the agility of scoring goals like a striker Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Argentina were able to alter the course of the match with one moment of magic. FIFA 16 gives the opportunity for gamers to experience the magical moments and brilliant in the game with the movement of the hoax, cross more dynamic, as well as improvements in the control system of the shooting.

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2. The Defender is now not easily bypassed

 The FIFA15 the striker spoiled with the speed and acceleration is higher than the defender or a defender. So that when attacked, you can more easily to pass through the defenders and score goals. But in FIFA 16 defenders to be more agile than before such bodies can play when it ran and stood up after making tackle

3. Tackle more varied

 Before FIFA 16, there are only two types of tackles in the FIFA series: stretched out the players and hope the ball will move to your feet or slide tackle. FIFA 16 offers more variety tackle. Now you can do a tackle when the ball bounced. In addition, you can also make tackles mock, which could be used to damage the timing striker.

4. Goalkeeper is no longer easy to make a mistake

 You must have been doing long-distance goal in FIFA15 or perhaps more easily perform remote goal than the goal scored 1 against 1 with the goalkeeper. Indeed, in FIFA15 goalie often make mistakes as developed itself forward so easy to score goals opponent remotely. In FIFA 16 it has been repaired so the goalkeeper now become smarter

5. The level of awareness is higher players

 The players in the field have a better awareness of where the ball is. So if the ball bounced close to them, then they will try to take the ball. Players will not remain silent if the ball is near them

6. Operand more powerful

 With increased capabilities in midfield it is necessary to pass a more powerful to supply the ball from the back to the front lines. If the ball is in oper with a speed that is less then the ball can be captured easily by the midfield player enemies. Even so, if you are not careful, then the operand is too strong will make the ball out of the field. But if used at the right time with the right force, will help you penetrate enemy defenses.


7. Crossing more varied

 EA has made some changes when the players do crossing. Now gamers have more choice about how they do the crossing, EA also added another player reaction when you do crossing. And this increases the likelihood of a beautiful goal by crossing results.

8. Seeing the ball will bounce more easily

 Maybe this is not a very big change, but now players can notice when the ball bounced in the air. So you can see which way the ball will fall

9. FIFA Trainer will train the beginners in the world of FIFA

 Sometimes gamers who have a game console, or gamers who moved from that previously used to play PES, tend to be difficult to adapt to FIFA. To overcome this, FIFA 16 gives instructions feature that can help the process of adaptation for its gamers. Obviously when you're already accustomed to playing FIFA 16, the feature can be turned off and the experience of playing will be in accordance with the original situation.

That was some of the new features added in FIFA 16. To release date itself, FIFA 16 will be released on September 22, 2015. FIFA 16 will be released on PlayStation Platform 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows.

Thus my article this time about 10 new features were added in FIFA 16 may be useful, do not forget to leave a comment Thank you.

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